Spring Cleaning Challenge: Day 9

Bathrooms are gross.  Let’s just say it.  All sorts of revolting things go on in there, water gets splashed, soap gets scummed.  Well, no more!  Okay, those things will all still happen, but you won’t know it by the time we’re done with today’s challenge.

Start by removing everything from the bathroom that’s not nailed down.  That means clearing off the counter, emptying the tub and shower, taking the Hot Wheels off of the window sill…you know, the usual. 

Clean the window and the window coverings

Clean the mirror with whatever you used on the window.  Watch yourself in the mirror.  Go ahead, give yourself a wink.  You deserve it.

Clean counter and sink.  Shine those faucets!

Do the same with the tub and/or shower.  Clean shower door as you would a window.  If you have a vinyl or plastic shower curtain, you can leave it hanging and spray it down, or you can remove it to clean more thoroughly.  Some curtains can go in the washing machine.  If you’re not sure about yours, you can hand-wash it in the tub.

Wipe down outside of toilet, making sure to get behind seat and around base.  You know, those places where boys like to leave their mark.  This part of the room could probably benefit from some disinfecting.  Don’t forget the toilet handle!

Clean inside of toilet bowl, and under seat and lid.  Flush.  Scrub again. 

Wipe down walls and baseboards.

Sweep and mop floor.  Hand-washing is a good idea here, so you can really get around the toilet thoroughly.  If your house builder was insane and put carpet in your bathroom, as ours did, then just do your best with the vacuum and pray you never have to see what’s really underneath it.

Replace the things you cleared out of the bathroom, cleaning them as needed.   Put the used towels in the laundry room (the fresh, lovely room you cleaned yesterday) and put out clean ones.  Rugs and bathmats should be shaken outside before going back on the floor;  if needed, vacuum them or run them through the laundry.

If you have a bathroom scale, you can go ahead and put it back.  Masochist.

There you have it, a bathroom so clean your dog could drink out of the toilet.  And probably does.

Note:  Follow this procedure for every bathroom in the house.  If you’re feeling energetic, do them all on the same day.  If you need to stretch it out, just do one bathroom a day until they’re all sparkling.  Then pick up the next cleaning challenge where you left off.

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